The seed, the thicket, the tree, the bush.... all great things to cultivate if you would like to have your own harvest one day. Our seeds are 3 for $1. and our Tree starters are 2 ft tall and run $40 a piece plus shipping. All trees are usually hydroponically shipped and the preferred transplant time is in the winter when trees are dormant.

    Also known as Sand Plum heaven. The largest Sand Plum harvest in The U.S. Riverside Sand Plums sells fruit, trees, seeds, jam and butter. Sand Plums are virtually a miracle fruit that has with standed the harsh weather in Oklahoma including the dust bowl. Order today! The flavor is unlike anything you have tasted.

The Harvest

Our harvest begins at the end of April, or early June, depending on the weather. The bloom lasts for three months and closes out in the middle of August. We have a pretty extensive call ahead list before the harvest, to make sure that the fruit can be delivered at its freshest point. Since, Sand Plums are endangered in several states it's best to get your order in as soon as it's available. Please email if you have a shipping request.

The sand plum is known by several names; sand cherry, thicket plum, sand hand cherry, Mexican plum, Chickasaw plum, and the river plum. We just call it delicious or the miracle fruit. It gets its nickname from being the only fruit to grow in the dust bowl. It was simply a miracle that any fruit grew at that time.

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