The River Side Sand Plums is a fan favorite and has been viewed by over 52 countries.
Making a resurgence in the cultivation of this endangered and rare fruit.

With a sweet and sour taste it truly can't be matched.

 Pre Order today for the 2016 Harvest!

     As soon as we create a website and a home for people to find this great fruit, we have been  helping society rediscover something wonderful. Our orchard continues to grow as our popularity rises. We are thankful for each harvest we are able to complete.

Welcome to River Side Sand Plums.

Home to Sand Plum Heaven, where we grow some of the most beautiful red and yellow plums that you may ever see in your lifetime. Everyone one we meet has a secret recipe from their grandmothers jam and loves to make it and share it with family members.

The taste truly takes you back to a memory of your past. The taste is like nothing else. We have recipes for salsa and chutney that we shall share right before harvest. Show it off to your friends. Every one wants to try something new especially when its delicious.

They don't last long.

We have a great customer base, some pre-orders that have been ordering for 3 to 4 years. Since we first really opened. We appreciate your business and strive to deliver the best fruit possible. Our call out list should get an update around late Febuary or late March. 

 We have sold out every year. Please contact us if you have any big inquires as we continue to expand to meet all needs.

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