Here is a sample of the strength of a Sand Plum tree root. This tree was documented thriving off the side of a river in Oklahoma. The landscape and rain forced this tree years later to grow with its roots exposed 90% out of dirt.

 This tree still bared fruit that was quite tasty and enjoyable.

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Sand Plum Tree Prices

      1. 2'-2.5' FT TREE (ORGANIC) $65       
2. 3'-3.5' FT TREE (ORGANIC) 85$
3. 4'-4.5' FT TREE (ORGANIC)  160$ producing fruit
4. 5'-5.5' FT TREE (ORGANIC) 210$  producing fruit
5.6'-6.5' FT TREE (ORGANIC) 260$   producing fruit
6. 7'-7.5' FT TREE (ORGANIC) 310$  producing fruit
7. 8'+ FT TREE (ORGANIC) 380$  producing fruit

Sand Plum Trees Grow like No Other

The root for a sand plum is tee shaped or simply may have a small root ball. That's the reason Sand Plums are mostly seen so close together in thickets or following fence lines. They are built to run in rows. Each plant needs water occasionally while blooming, but other wise can handle droughts as well. A very resilient plant.

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